The Science Of Raw Food

heart-620523_1280Is the raw food diet good for you? In truth, the raw food diet is more than just a diet program. It is a form of science that everyone should learn about. You might not take my word for it and that’s good. You have to give it a try yourself. That is the only way you can truly say that going on a raw food diet is good enough for you and your health.

The science behind cooking will explain to you how the process slowly strips your food off the nutrients that it has. Cooking itself chemically changes the nutrient content of foods and that is the worst thing about it. Although it saves you from a good number of bad bacteria that may be present on some food items, the process of cooking itself loses you a great number of micronutrients that are contained in fruits and veggies. The heat causes some kind of chemical change on the substances found in food and this is the very reason why raw food enthusiasts are not into cooking at all. From health enzymes, they turn into acid-forming free radicals and toxins that can be very harmful to the body.

Nobody else is responsible for your health. In truth, you are the only one you can blame for all the toxins present in your body. At some point, it is you who will also suffer, not to mention the negative effects that your sickness can bring in to the family. Thus, learning about the science of raw food and how it affects the body allows you to discover more about how you can save yourself.

The thought of it eating anything or everything raw made me cringe in the beginning. I didn’t think it was something that could work for me. I was not a big fan of green leafy vegetables. My favourite fruits were all rich in natural glucose that daily consumption of it would bring my blood sugar level to shoot up and cause me to be diabetic. And because I learned that sometimes, fruits can be bad for my health too, I gave up the thought of every becoming a raw food enthusiast. It wasn’t something for me.

And then I thought, if the idea behind the raw food diet is something scientific, thus it can practically be a program for everyone. Why would I single out myself? Perhaps all I needed was to believe that it could work for me too. Maybe I needed to believe that it was something that could help explain the changes that my body is going through scientifically. It could help me understand why it has been so difficult to lose weight after all these years of trying. It could even lead me to the very reason why I have this weight problem in the first place.

Indeed, the science behind the raw food diet is pretty simple. All I needed was to give it a try. You must give it a thought too or lose all the opportunity of getting your healthy body system right back.

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