Could The Raw Food Diet Be The One?


It is that time of the year again when all that you can read about on various social media platforms talk about one thing – diet. However, the most noticeable of them all are the studies that speak of cooking as the negative element that hinders us from getting that dose of healthy enzymes from the food that we eat. Although the thought of it may not be new anymore, the idea of not cooking the food that we eat is not something very popular to most households.

In truth, whenever people talk about food, they readily think that cooking follows right after. This doesn’t mean they don’t eat raw foods too. People have been ordering that fresh salad dish in the menu out of curiosity, but it hasn’t been a regular part of the diet. Once in a blue moon, people are reminded that they should choose to eat the healthy stuff and so they order the salad. But if people had the choice, they would skip the salad altogether and get on with dessert.

At least that’s how my family survived it all. We didn’t talk about anything raw and not even considered to include it in our diet, except for some fruits and veggies that we all loved. But now that the slimming season is here and that all people talk about is how powerful the raw diet has become, I gave it a thought. When I read researches that tell me how cooking can burn away all those healthy enzymes and how eating my food raw and burn up calories as fast as running a treadmill for three hours, I was more determined to find out if it was something that could work for me.

If this is how powerful raw food can be, then maybe I should throw the cooker now. Maybe you should too. I read a study that if you want to lose weight and burn more fat in the process, all that you need is to try to go for ice cooking. Instead of cooking your food in heat, it would be best if you served them cold. Of course, the idea behind eating raw is letting go of all types of meat consumption, especially the red ones. You can have a slice of fish or two, preferably cooked. From all that I have read about the raw food diet, I have learned something that makes this program truly distinct.


The raw food diet may not be for everyone for a long time, but it allows people took deeper into what they eat. It has encouraged people to realize that most of the foods that they eat do not come with good effects on the body. I also learned that this diet takes more than just the will to lose weight. It took me a whole lot of strength to resist cooking my food. It took me a while to process everything and to convince myself that I could make it work. Perhaps it may take a while for you too. But at the end of the day, it is your body that will breathe in all the benefits and that is what matters.

Could the raw food diet be the one? It could be. You will never really know until you give it a try yourself. Just remember that like the other diet programs you may have tried, this one also requires a complete lifestyle change. It’s difficult and challenging in the beginning, but all will be well when you get used to it. All it takes is getting used to and everything else will be perfectly in place.

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